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  1. James

    At about 8 minutes, I saw Si, then maybe Ne. At around 37 minutes I saw INFJ, when initially saw INFP. The Black Sheep comment and the lack of interest in conflict and the absorbing of peoples emotions tells me INFJ or at least introvert, @ 40 minutes. @ 52 minutes, I’m getting Ne again. Then Si again.I would not of thought about ENTP, then again I don’t know all the nuances about each type either. This was good and very insightful. I think I went with introvert because I kept seeing the introvert processes come up, however I know that if the dominant function is introverted then the the larger function of the overall person is extroverted. So we know that each person has two extroverted processes and two introverted processes. It’s neat to see that people will show you their dominant function and either their auxiliary or tertiary processes just with a simple conversation. Antonia is right I do have a less than super strong relationship with time, my Dad is an ISTJ and he’s always on time. However as an INTJ, time for me is still important as I hate wasting my time and that of others, and I like getting started with a project and using my time wisely to be productive. I get into a time waste mode when I get into a Ni/Fi loop, too much thinking and not enough doing, if I don’t reach out and talk to someone about what’s on my mind I can get really anxious and try to get out of it by Se usually, like walking, cleaning or doing something while my mind is still engaged by whatever I can’t solve due to lack of information or feedback. Too much research in trying to resolve an issue just leads to information overload and still no action, so I still work hard at that Te thing, to just extrovert my thoughts to anyone that will listen and soon I get out of that pesky unproductive loop.

  2. Anaïs

    Hi, I just quickly wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this video. Thank you for sharing it with us! 🙂 The Profiler Training Course is unfortunately too expensive for me at the moment, but it would be so cool to see more videos/podcasts of you typing people in real time. The commentary also helps a lot to get a better understanding of the functions,I think.

    1. Graham

      Yes it’s out of my price range too, but this looks like it would be SO much fun to have this skill!

    2. Graham

      I can’t afford it right now either, but it looks like this skill would be SO much fun!

  3. Sheila

    Hi Antonia,
    Thanks for this great video! It gave me a clearer insight into the exciting profiling process and your comments were very helpful and funny at the same time. I listen regularly to your podcasts and this video was a useful leap from theory to practice, from ideas to the real world 🙂 Thanks a lot!

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