Become a Certified Personality Profiler


When you join Profiler Training you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. It requires a willingness to keep an open mind, the ability to relearn, and the bravery to jump in and apply the knowledge. The learning curve is steep but we have provided you a clear path to mastery. If you are diligent in your learning and applying your knowledge, you will emerge with a skill that you can use in your professional and personal life.

We are constantly upgrading Profiler Training, the following outlines the current levels of proficiency available to you and are subject to change as we are a personal growth company, constantly in pursuit of improving not only ourselves but our courses as well.

Personality Hacker Certified Profiler

Once you complete Profiler Training 101 in its entirety, you will be invited to apply for Certification as a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler.


To become a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler, you must:

  • Complete a minimum of 20 active profiling sessions and document these sessions for your application
  • Participate in a peer review exercise
  • Run a recorded video profiling session with a member of Personality Hacker grading the call
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the 16 types, 8 cognitive functions, and 8 dichotomies
  • Be adept at active and passive profiling
  • Make meaningful connections between the types and their subtle nuances when immature or inferior

If you don’t meet all requirements, you will not qualify to become a Personality Hacker Certified Profiler. This is because we take certification very seriously at Personality Hacker and want to maintain the highest standards possible.



Students from 2017 and earlier pay a non-refundable $200 application fee through the end of 2018.

This fee is waived during the first year as a Profiler Training student for the class of 2018. There is a $500 extension fee to reach certification if applying in outside of 2018.

When you complete the Profiler Training Certification process you will receive an official Certificate of Rank from Personality Hacker which you can proudly display to your friends and clients. The PDF certificate will be emailed to you as you join the ranks of those who have taken the time to study and apply Myers-Briggs, calibrating your skill with peer reviews and a practicum. Our system gives you the unique opportunity to have your real-time work checked by an official, in-house, Personality Hacker Profilers taking you beyond theory and into an applied skill.

Whether you want to profile friends or professionally, the Personality Hacker Certification Program offers you a high level of credibility and attractiveness to your clients.

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Resource Links

Personality Hacker Certified Profiler Directory

Profiler Certification Final Written Exam Study Guide


While Personality Hacker is dedicated to certifying only those Profilers who meet the high standards of the Certification Program, there are many things outside its control. Because there is no accrediting body that exists to approve profiling certification, Personality Hacker is necessarily a self-certifying body and sets its own standards for certification. Further, although there are no governing federal laws, and most states have no applicable regulations, it is possible new laws regarding profiling will develop in the future. Personality Hacker endeavours to remain current on all laws related to profiling certification, but may not always be up to date on every law and does not monitor the laws of every state and/or nation on behalf of its profilers. Personality Hacker Certified Profilers are responsible for knowing the laws of their states and/or locality and for keeping their clients informed of those laws. Personality Hacker assumes no liability to its candidates or their clients for changes in the law after certification and makes no representations to the ongoing legality of the practice.

Further, Personality Hacker has limited oversight of its Profilers outside their voluntary participation in the program, and as such is not responsible for their conduct. Much of the Certification Program is completed using the honour system, and Personality Hacker is not responsible if candidates cut corners or otherwise cheat in order to gain certification. Clients using a profiler claiming to be certified by Personality Hacker are encouraged to verify their certification here, but Personality Hacker cannot warrant that it has accurate or up-to-date contact information for its Personality Hacker Certified Profilers. The Personality Hacker Certification Program is a service provided to improve the field of personality profiling, but does not guarantee results or otherwise warrant any type of outcome from the Certification Process.

Personality Hacker reserves the right to update or change the requirements of the Certification Program at any time.