[VIDEO] How To Tell If You Are An Extravert or Introvert

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  1. Judy says:

    This is easily the best explanation of extravert/introvert type I’ve heard.

    And yes, the use of the word shy to describe introverts is very often unhelpful. My daughter, an INFJ, is often referred to (incorrectly) as shy; she is open and enters conversations easily but needs large amounts of self-time in order to be truly happy. Interestingly, my ESTJ son is the one who has greater difficulty entering new situations – feeling quite uncertain/insecure, though he thrives on the energy of a social group.

    The best moment of the podcast for me (an INFP) is when you explain that I-FP’s go into a flow state listening to other people, that they are ‘story seekers’ – I haven’t ever self-identified as an extravert, but have often wondered why after an evening at a party, where admittedly the good conversations have largely been one-on-one, or after a dinner party where I’ve barely spoken but there has been good, rich discussion around the table, or after a conversation with the parent/s of children I tutor, I feel energized in a similar way to when I’ve watched a movie or read a book which is story driven. This nails its it – it’s the stories that energize. It also also explains why games evenings with a group, even those I love, typically leaves me feeling kind of empty – no new story to ponder…

    Thank you for an excellent twenty minute listen.

  2. Kimberly Ruffner says:

    Hey Alexander, love that you are coming to the webinar and planning ahead. We will be meeting in GoToWebinar. The app is easy to download. See you tomorrow.

  3. Beth says:

    I always thought I was in introvert, but wasn’t sure. I love my time to be alone. After listening to this, I feel, I am what I thought I was.

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