[VIDEO] How To Type The “Personality” Of Your Family Culture

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(13) Comments

  1. Matt Sherman

    Great series. That example about Gunner was very helpful with showing me some of the dynamics of my students. It’s exactly like what he goes through in class. I, as an INFP, don’t honor what he’s trying to do as much as I could.

    This is beyond the scope of the video, and I’m not sure how fitting it is or if it’s something you two buy into, but I kept thinking of the Critical Parent and Trickster archetypal energies when Joel was talking. Gunner bringing out Joel’s perception of a “trickster” child who is causing problems because Ti is actually Joel’s 7th function seemed fitting.

    But then, would Joel’s Fe 6th function be the one that kept saying “Come on. Let’s just have fun.” And trying to smooth everything out?

    1. Kimberly Ruffner

      An interesting observation…one I am guessing we will get to explore in Profiler Training 2018 with you as a student. Woot woot. Looking forward to having you in the class Matt.

      1. Gwendolyn Lee

        Is there a chart of polarities with description of intent, motivation, and growth States? Would love access to this information if it’s already been done. thanks!

    2. Brooke

      Why do I feel like Matt looks familiar? Youtuber? Either gamified personality or talked about spiral dunamics, amirite?

      Great info, thx!

  2. Angelica Garza

    I am an ENFP and I can’t quite relate to the notion that we don’t talk it all out. I tend to want to talk it out – completely.

  3. Joy Anna Hodges

    Wow, the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper! Thank you for offering a window in…

    1. Kimberly Ruffner

      Rabbit holes are the BEST! You are quite welcome. Glad you are enjoying the ride. The only thing better than a good rabbit hole is fabulous company to explore with. Thanks for being part of our community and adding your curiosity to the world.

  4. Katarina

    What do you think of this family dynamic? Mom – ESTJ, Dad – ISTJ ( both baby boomers) , Me – INTP

  5. Karen

    You guys are great. Interesting, clear and useful information.
    Thanks for sharing and hope the webinar is phenomenally successful,

    1. Kimberly Ruffner

      Thanks Karen. Fabulous that you are finding value in our content. The webinar is going to be amazing. Woot woot.

  6. Marcella

    Wow. Thank you for this video. Lightbulb moment here. I knew I was the odd man out in my family growing up as an INFJ, but I thought it was due to normal INFJ pain stuff. This video took my understanding much deeper. My mom is an INTJ, dad and brother are ISTJs. Nobody talked about their feelings or when things were bothering them. Lots of passive aggressive behavior. Nothing was ever resolved. I was left internalizing everyone’s unresolved issues, never having a way to really extravert my insights as to what was going on. I can understand how that happened now as I was the one with different judging functions. I am learning so much from the content you share. Thank you!

  7. Jess Visher

    Wow this was super interesting and made me feel like a total newbie! I’ve only studied cognitive functions in isolation and I have sooo much to learn!

  8. Kim

    Psychology is interesting in general and I enjoy understanding more about personality types.
    The time I actually got away from my parents was refreshing. I feel they are both Extraverts; both have a hard time shutting up, unfortunately (may act passive aggressive). I think my parents are thinkers, not caring for my feelings and have put me in a place of discomfort. So far I have come up with them as ExTP. I know my type is different as they drive me nuts and I am happy apart. I am fine with them visiting me, but living with them is not okay.

    On the other hand, Constables I have come across seem warm and welcoming, making me feel like I want to stay in that community and can trust them. I think that is good as for some reason I perceived them as intimidating beforehand. Even when I have concerns, one of the Constables is understanding and lets me be able to contact her, when other avenues scare me. I believe one of them is introverted, the bunch of them sensing and thinking, can’t be sure if they’re judgers or percievers.

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