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  1. Sivana Holler

    Wow! This has been so fascinating to me because my mom (an ENTP) is the music and drama teacher of my old high school and she has taught me all I know about singing and acting. But one thing she always struggled to teach me (an INTP) how to do is project. I have always had a tight jaw, which means I have a hard time opening my mouth very far, and projecting has always been difficult and uncomfortable. In contrast my mom is very loud, and a bit too good at projection (she has also had voice lessons, so she has learned to project even more than she naturally does, so as you can imagine she is extremely loud, and is not even capable of whispering). My mom could never understand why I have had such difficulty with projection and so have I, but now it all makes sense. She has also studied voice pedagogy, so I am curious about what she will think about this and I think I will show this to her.

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