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  1. Brian

    This is a good video!

  2. Fleur

    Wow, this video has so much value! I’ve been trying to type some people, but I’ve just learnt a lot of tips to do it more effectively.

  3. Melissa Thompson

    I learned something profound in this video! That piece at the end where she said that he goes to his sensing function to avoid thinking about the future because it causes him anxiety. Bingo!
    I’m INTJ, I’m 54 and that hit home for me! A critical missing piece of understanding! Thank you so much!
    The interview was compelling to watch.

  4. Patricia Eddishaw

    This was fascinating – shows the value in watching videos of type. I’m 75 so other side of life from Trevor with a lot more experiences under my belt. Still, I was startled that he is an intj because I convinced myself I am intj – until I saw the video. I started answering the questions along with Trevor instead of just listening, and realized how differently I was responding, including my body language and energy level. Concluded that no way I’m an intj – I could never be that “zen”. By halfway thru the video I was jumping off the couch, animated, “performing”, a dozen stories I wanted to tell. I finally just started laughing at myself. Pretty sure I’m an NT, just no longer an INTJ.

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