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  1. R. A.

    I got 3 out of the 4. Not bad for a beginner!

  2. Dianna

    Absolutely love the interaction between these young ladies. So intriguing and insightful. Would love to see a follow up. As Sophia come into her own trueSelf.

  3. Mark

    My original first 2 types for Sophie was INFJ&INTJ. I never got INFP from her.

  4. Andrew Gould

    Wow, as an INFJ myself I always find other INFJs appearing to be thinkers. Other types I pick fairly easily. As was the case with one of my sisters. When I found it hard to pick, thinking she seemed like ENTJ but still didnt fit I ended ip assuming correctly by guessing that she was INFJ.
    I think I should sign up for profiler class.

  5. Maike

    This was so interesting. About a third through the first video I thought Sophia was an INFJ. I am an INFJ too and oddly I have also struggled with typing myself. Is it a common thing that INFJ’s take on the values of others? My father is an ESTJ and my mother an ESFJ and then there was me. I always did feel “less than” and it bothers me that who I am around them is not who I am, so I still feel “less than” even at 43. Thank you for this and shout out to Sophia’s phenomenal ability to articulate her experience in such detail. Thank you.

  6. Suzie

    I thought INFJ!!!!!! I can’t believe I got it right….maybe there is a future for me in profiling! Every time my daughter and I discuss what type someone is I feel like I get lost in the details but watching Melissa and hearing Sophie’s eloquent responses really helped me narrow it down. Thank you for this video, that was fantastic!

  7. Alex

    I was getting INFJ vibes, I wanted her to be INTJ, but there’s a lot of “feelings” and almost taking on the weight of her younger siblings decisions. I am satisfied.

  8. Carissa

    Oh, this was very interesting. I thought she was an INTP. Introversion and intuition were obvious, and I heard her use Accuracy, but a Harmony co-pilot was a surprise. It was there, but not obvious to me. It was so subtle, I figured it was her 3 year old. I wondered why she was talking to people in the grocery store though. As an ISFP, I would never do that! My INFJ friend would.
    I’ve been trying to type my husband for years. I had settled on him being an ENFJ, because he seems to constantly be using Harmony. As an Authenticity driver, I don’t see much Authenticity in him. This profiling session has made me rethink his type. He may be an ENFP who uses Harmony for some other reason…
    PS I love learning about profiling and cognitive functions, and devour a lot of the content on this site. I recently heard Antonia say in a podcast that there aren’t many SP’s in this community? I’m here, I’m just quiet. I may have to say more.

  9. Anne-Sofie

    I thought INTJ.
    Because of Fi and because of the fact that she involuntarily gets leadership roles (high Te I would suspect) – and because of overall vibe.

  10. Dani McG.

    I was correct nearly immediately, so happy 🙂 I just ….resonated with her thought process…..and yes I am definitely ENFJ… I know in my heart of hearts I am between INFJ and ENTJ… yep sounds ludicrous, but that is true and that is me!!!!! Thanks for this all of you!! lots of love from me!

  11. Lydia

    I guessed INFJ about 10-15 minutes in. But I am also an INFJ. Your test was the first one that identified me as an INFJ. Before that I had been getting ENFP, including my own analysis at a marriage seminar. The first week of quarantine was when I took your test. I think I was finally listening to myself that my first instinct was to write up a plan for everyone home, and I was dying not being able to get alone time away from my other family members. Quarantine finally forced me to see the I and J parts. When I started reading descriptions of INFJs I felt so understood. It fit me much better than ENFP. I do take on others emotions REALLY easily (also why I was struggling—there were way more emotions around!!). It also made sense for both Sofia and myself that INFJs can be social chameleons, making it very hard for us to really understand who WE are. When you can see things from many, many perspectives and alter your personality accordingly, it can be really hard to sift out the true YOU. The J aspect of Sophia was harder to discern initially, but if she had been a P, I didn’t think it would have been as easy for her to excel in school and give the teacher exactly what they wanted—that takes some organization and forethought. Just my thoughts:)

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