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  1. Ij

    I would like to know your source for this because the last I thought INTJ are more rare than ENTJ. With INTJ being 2% in total and women being 0.8%.

  2. Jess

    Aw, I can’t watch it since it’s blocked in my country (canada) due to copyright material fr global tv. (now there’s an oxymoron haha ;P)
    IS it a country thing? Or is this removed everywhere due to copyright?

  3. Sivana

    Sorry, but I couldn’t help but correct you; you kept saying that thinker women talk at the bottom of their throat. But what you mean to say is that thinker women talk at the bottom of their vocal range. Sorry my mom’s a music major, so the whole time I was watching this I kept talking out loud to myself correcting you, saying: vocal range! It’s vocal range! Or you could even say that thinker women talk at the bottom of their register.

  4. S.U.

    I (intj)have a different read on Ellen’s view of Chelsea Handler than Joel. I dont think there is attraction at all but Chelsea is more of a turn off to Ellen. Ellen based on her dating history prefers more feminine women. Ellen is more of the masculine type of lesbian based on her dress for one thing and Chelsea’s more formal masculine attitude and presentation might be seen more as competition for Ellen. I see Ellen as being more uncomfortable in the interview. I suppose I am using my dominant perspective function to come up with my view.

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