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Making a decision to join the Profiler Training Course is an important one. So we have set up a preview webinar to get all the details of the course – ask questions – find out about tuition and payment plans – and discover how Profiler Training can apply to your current coaching practice, business, and personal life.

Breakdown of The Preview Webinar Part 1:

Part 1 – Introductions & Application from former students
Part 2 – Making the most of your personality (content)
Part 3 – Overview of actual training modules
Part 4 – Tuition & Schedule for training
Part 5 – How to register and Q&A

Give Us 1 Hour or Less and We’ll Tell You Things About Yourself You Haven’t Shared With Your Lover, Friends, Parents or Children

So we are the Personality Hackers.

We’ve had people cry at the end of our profiling sessions.

We’ve had people pissed at the end of a session too… (“How do you know that about me!”)

But mostly – people are very excited to have someone FINALLY get them and help them put language to how they think.

And for us – at this point – it comes second nature to understand personality.

It’s not that we measure behavior – instead we measure how the mind is learning information and making decisions.

And once you know that – you have the power to PREDICT how another person’s mind works… From the inside. It’s kinda spooky stuff… and we are REALLY good at it.

But we didn’t start out this way.

Just like everything in life – we had to learn how to do this.

Years were spent reading, studying, making mistakes, talking with experts, taking courses in all sorts of personal development disciplines and doing hundreds of live profiling sessions. And after a while it all started to click.

People started to resonate with our sessions. We developed a methodology and lives started to change… people were improving their marriages – work lives – and businesses.

Then a couple from Australia asked if our company could teach them how to do what we do. So we did. And it worked.

They learned the system and how to profile and hack others’ personalities.

So then we decided to create an entire training course around hacking personalities and profiling. We call it the Profiler Training course. And tons of people flooded to learn this system. After 100+ students – we feel very confident that we can teach you how to do what we do.

We will teach you how to profile another person and practically have an X-ray into their mind and how it works.


The full tuition for the course is $2497.

However – we understand that some people need a tuition that works with their budget.

During our current enrollment period (Dec 6-16) we will be offering several payment plan options from 2 months to 6 months.   (As an example – our six month payment plan starts at $416.17/month.)

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