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  1. Nikki

    “Perpetual misunderstandings” Yes! This is our marriage, and it’s only been in the last 2-ish out of 10 than I knew he was a sensor & I’m intuitive and it explains SO much. Just knowing there was a reason behind our misunderstandings help keep them from turning into fights.

  2. James

    Would being ambiguous or vague, be a good example of intuition? I feel like when I talk to many women that I’m having to mind read. Some women tend to fill the conversation with details, yet others will give me a vague or ambiguous conversation which prompts me to as more an more questions to get to the bottom of what they’re talking about so that I can get the big picture.
    I’m an INTJ BTW.

    1. Lisa

      In my opinion, being vague COULD be a result of intuition, but there are other possible causes, as well.

      My ESFJ husband has many, many times said that I didn’t give him enough information. Even though my dominant function is Fi (ISFP), I actually have a strong sense of logic, and I struggle to see any need in always stating the “obvious”. (By the way, I think my punctuation is probably wrong here, but it just looks better this way!)

      Also, I tend to be very reserved, not only with my thoughts and feelings (dominant Fi), but also with words in general.

      On the flip side, ISFP happens to be more intuitive than most of the sensing types, so…

    2. Lisa

      I guess it depends on what kind of vague you’re talking about.

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