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  1. Nikki

    “Perpetual misunderstandings” Yes! This is our marriage, and it’s only been in the last 2-ish out of 10 than I knew he was a sensor & I’m intuitive and it explains SO much. Just knowing there was a reason behind our misunderstandings help keep them from turning into fights.

  2. James

    Would being ambiguous or vague, be a good example of intuition? I feel like when I talk to many women that I’m having to mind read. Some women tend to fill the conversation with details, yet others will give me a vague or ambiguous conversation which prompts me to as more an more questions to get to the bottom of what they’re talking about so that I can get the big picture.
    I’m an INTJ BTW.

    1. Lisa

      In my opinion, being vague COULD be a result of intuition, but there are other possible causes, as well.

      My ESFJ husband has many, many times said that I didn’t give him enough information. Even though my dominant function is Fi (ISFP), I actually have a strong sense of logic, and I struggle to see any need in always stating the “obvious”. (By the way, I think my punctuation is probably wrong here, but it just looks better this way!)

      Also, I tend to be very reserved, not only with my thoughts and feelings (dominant Fi), but also with words in general.

      On the flip side, ISFP happens to be more intuitive than most of the sensing types, so…

    2. Lisa

      I guess it depends on what kind of vague you’re talking about.

  3. Bunny

    Hi, I feel like I’m totally different from the rest of my friends, families or people who surrounded me. I’m not chatty in front of many people I’m just talkative to people I’m comfortable with. According to Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m INFJ and I found it really hard to talk to people with Sensing, we have really different perspective in life… I never had talk to people with the same personality as i have who can understand my thought about life, world, developmental stages of people, feelings and even the feelings of animals etc.
    Whenever I talk to people, it feels like I’m totally different or it’s just my feelings.

    I mostly talk deep conversation specially in my family, close friends and boyfriend. Some will appreciate me but most will get annoyed at me, because they are telling me I’m too futuristic, too mysterious, where in fact I’m just telling the possibilities of these or that would might happen in the future (whether this idea will be better or for worst)
    I’m a person who always wanted to learn and be a better person. I want someone will understand me and advice me if I’m wrong in a nice and friendly manner.
    My boyfriend is ISFJ, but the way i see him he is ISTJ. Though we have similarities in some ways, I find it really hard to let him understand the way I want our relationship goes on. He’s focussing on the words i find not good about him, where i’m just saying all these things in able for us to grow and learn from our personalities, but he never say a word and dont want to converse with this kind of thing and end up in misunderstanding because he always think that I’m not listening or I’m stuborn. e.g. he want’s me to stop talking to people online/chatting where i told him, i just want to learn from those people’s personality, im really honest to him, but now, im thinking, should I be? Is there a way Sensing can turn into Intuition? Can INFJ and ISFJ or ISTJ a good compatible as life time partner?

    1. Antonia Dodge

      There’s a lot of burgeoning evidence to indicate that type is pre-wired, so it’s unlikely that a Sensor will become an Intuitive (or vice versa). It is important to ensure you get your intuition needs met by finding people who will have more abstract, pattern-recognition conversation with you.

      That said, you should totally join Profiler Training and come hang out with a ton of Intuitives at the live event. It’s like an adrenaline shot to the heart for most of us. 🙂


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