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  1. Karen Lamb

    OMG, I love Sophia and I love Melissa. And also, I would really like to have a twin now please 🙂

  2. Shalikheart

    I think Sophia is an INFJ. The FJ part was obviously harder to work out. I thought INTJ or INTP initially, but the combination of pattern finding, self effacement, preference of holding back from easy self disclosure and positions of power, eloquence and warm humourous expression, insight into others’ lives and processes without involvement, conflict avoidance, search for harmony, self reflection, sense of alienation from the real world, focus on replying with authenticity through flexible and objective analysis, and inexplicable intuitive hunches about some people…

  3. Shalikheart

    I thought INTJ or INTP at first, but am now almost certain that Sophia is an INFJ. The combination of eloquence, warm expression and humour, insight into others’ lives, private play with ideas, pattern-finding in everything, sense of disconnectedness, preference for social harmony, holding back from leadership, authenticity through objective analysis, and strong hunches.

    1. Christopher Jackson

      I disagree- although she does pattern recognize, she is taking in new information to affirm or add to her theories. She likes the front of the room. Not the back to observe everyone else’s reactions. This event was far too important to do that. Macro- micro- and back. That may be Ni talking, but Fe isn’t her driver.

      Exploring HER true authentic self comes from being correct in her theories in which she can explore (Ne) in isolation – where it feels nice and familiar Si.

      INTPs are very compassionate, warm, humorous as well when they don’t feel a threat and accepted.

      Her holding back from leadership is her allowing people to be free from leadership. See what she said about being a teacher? You have to have lived a long life to be eligible to be able to educate another human – it’s so precious and an honor to do so and how dare she be someone beheld of that responsibility. You will NEVER be an expert – life is too short. She cares enough not to mislead others, so it’s very important she is very accurate.

  4. Christopher Jackson

    Within the first 5 mins, INTP screamed at me. The elaborate “precise” language – she choses to express how how she sees her world. Her quirkiness and laughing at her own jokes. She is cracking herself up lol. Love it. Very cute. She is playful. She expresses her inner world by extraverting her internal experiences on paper through her writing and in other creative ways. She would teach if teaching meant you need to have lived a long life to become an expert. How “accurate” is that? She knows how to “play the game of school. She is smart, kind enough (hello 3 year old harmony function) but not at the expense of what makes sense. It makes sense to play the game at a level that is a bit higher than what average is. Because, why not – she thinks a cut above the rest. She “knows” she is in the Matrix, so why not create her own. D & D – RPG –
    I N T P all day! She gets to explore and create memory after memory – familiar and familiar. She is in control. Until she goes to the grocery store. She HAS to go to the store. It makes sense, but exploring the experience of other humans in SMALL TALK? Oh no – the drudgery. BUT, find one – 4 people who she can build a tribe with, like a sitcom friendship – that would be right up her alley. She can be accepted, be herself, be loved and love back and valued for her wit.

    Clearly – my vote is INTP – the only challenge I had was her saying she “feels” alot. I feel this, I feel that, but that is an intuitive thing as well – I wanted to INFP it up, but nah – she is way to “in the know” for that.

  5. Suzie

    I’m only 6 minutes into the video and I absolutely adore Sophia!

  6. Sara Eden

    So, what was she typed as by Melissa? And, it sounds like Sophia didn’t agree, and they were going to keep talking about it. I want to know!

  7. SJ

    I think she’s an INTJ. Just from intuition. 🙂

  8. Melissa

    Wondering why everyone is thinking FJ or TP? I think she is an INFP. She is very focused on imagination and relationships/systems of people and not systems of objects. I think the FP was revealed by her answer about how she make a decision. It had nothing to do with others or future planning, but more for her to be authentic to herself and follow what she feels strongly about, even if she cannot articulate why. I think some of the answers about her childhood throw you off, because for authenticity users, they don’t really know who they are as kids, just trying out a bunch of different things to see what fits. She also is really put off by meeting people who don’t want to understand themselves. As an Fe user, there is nothing about what she is saying that resonates with me. An Fe user would be driven by helping people connect the dots and see what they are not seeing to improve their situations. She doesn’t want to give advice because she doesn’t feel comfortable changing others. Her insights are very internally focused, but also relationship-based. To me, she is expressing a lot of Fi and really focused on her identity and letting other people be themselves. She also says she projects her own experience on to everyone, which is how Fi empathy works, and how she is able to have insight into the human condition. INFPs are also reluctant leaders with moral authority and fear of ineffectiveness, which is a repeated theme in this interview. An INTP would never endorse leading with their heart over their head. She does talk about competency a lot, which could be INTP-related, but INTPs do not avoid conflict and are much more focused on systems and internal logic than people, relationships, and understanding themselves. I think her focus on competency comes more from insecurity with her tertiary function Te. What does the group think about INFP? I’m pretty confident about this so wondering if I have some blind spots I’m not seeing that you are.

    1. Joyce Meng

      I agree with Melissa. She comes off as INFP to me as well!

  9. Daniel

    I don’t think she is INFP simply because I am one and I can see the differences. She’s far too organized to be an INFP. I am late to stuff all the time. I lost stuff all the time and she doesn’t. She thinks Way more abstract than I do. and has algorithms for daily life which I do not. There are too many differences for us to be the same type. Definitely Introverted and Intuitive though. So IN something but I don’t think INFP. The problem is because she is learning to profile she has an insight as to why she does things so she can now see what she needs to do to change to fit better into what she wants to be ideally, not what she naturally is, that’s why she leads her answers with what she used to be and then goes into how she is doing things to change it. So, naturally, her type is to TELL people what she thinks about their situations, etc, not hold it in. Where my natural state is to hold it in and I’m working on myself to be a person to let it out. I think she naturally Judges, even herself, so there is a J in there. I would say INFJ.

  10. Guy

    How did you find an INFJ for the interview?

  11. Mônica


  12. Dani McG.

    1o min in and I thought INFJ…..Will see in another video lol 🙂

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